About us

Ozolaivas is one of the leading boat rental and boat trip organizers in Zemgale and Riga region!

We’ve been involved in boat rental and organizing for 7 years already, and during the season, we serve more than 3000 customers!

We offer:

• weekly public boat trips where everyone is invited to participate;

• private boat trips (corporate, friends, or family) for up to 150 people.

Our standard trips are sunrises/sunsets in Great Ķemeri bog, trips in Lielupe, Misa, Liejā Jugla, Smārde bog, Iecava, Bērze, Gauja (Ādaži – mouth of the Gauja river into the sea), Mūsa, Mēmele etc.

Available boats:

• 52 canoe boats with 3 seats (2-seater; 3-seater; 4-seater);

• 5 ZET single-seater kayaks.

We provide full service boat trips, your task is to arrive at the specified time and place and enjoy the boat adventure!

You can find information about current public trips in the “Calendar” section of the website, while more detailed information about private trips is available in the “Private trips” section.

Ozolaivas team

Mārcis Laidiņš

Founder and owner of the company. Mārcis has loved rowing since childhood, when he started canoe slalom under the influence of his father, and has participated in several European and World Cup events in canoe slalom. Mārcis is a true enthusiast of different types of paddling and is always happy to be on the water.

Elīna Ēdole

Project manager, who answers calls and emails, manages social media and the website, and appears in boat trips when needed. Elīna is a kayaker and canoe paddler, a former member of the national team of the Republic of Latvia, and works as a canoe slalom coach. She likes to talk and make sure that people feel good and happy on the trip.

Kārlis Rušmanis

Project Manager, planning to get the right boats to the right place at the right time, and sometimes you might find them on the lead boat. Kārlis has been involved with rowing since he was a teenager and has won various medals at Latvian championships. Kārlis is able to keep calm even in the most difficult situations.

Kārlis Rušmanis