Private trips

If you want to go on a boat trip with your work team or a group of friends or celebrate some holidays, then we offer the option to reserve a private trip!

You will be able to choose freely your:

• trip route

• trip date

• trip starting time

• paddle at your desired speed without strangers.

We have extensive experience in organizing various boat trips (including boat orienteering), and we strive to provide each customer with the best boating experience!

Contact us (info@ozolaivas.lv, +371 23202900 (Elīna) or +371 26296148 (Kārlis)) and we will help you to plan your adventure!

We organize private trips starting from 4 boats OR 160 euro if you have less than 4 boats.

If you plan to boat only a couple of boats, it is more advantageous to sign up for one of our public trips HERE!

Boat trip routes:

Check out our standard routes HERE!
It’s possible to arrange routes beyond our standard offerings as well.

Cost of the trip:

• price 40 euro/boat (for 1st day);

• each subsequent day 20 euro/boat.

Price includes: paddles, life jackets, safety instruction, boat delivery*, accompanying boat**, waterproof bag***.

Available boats:

• 53 canoe boats with 3 seats (2-seater; 3-seater; 4-seater);

• 5 ZET single-seater kayaks.

For possible accommodation/leisure locations, please contact us!

During the trips, we provide full service with delivery; we do not offer the option to pick up and return the boats yourselves!

Full boat rental terms and conditions are available HERE!


*Free delivery 80km around Jelgava. Outside 0,50 eur/km (final costs are agreed upon in advance).

**Jelgava, Great Ķemeri bog, Carnikava, Vecslocene routes included. In other routes for additional cost (30 euro).

***One waterproof bag per boat (80 liters, fits 2 backpacks).