Apocalyptic views in the Smārde green bog


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Want to discover and experience new places? Join us on a boat trip in Smārde’s Green bog – a special and unusual place!

In the middle of the last century, peat extraction was carried out in the bog, but it was discovered that hydrogen sulphide mineral waters were forming beneath it, so peat extraction was stopped in 1960.
When peat extraction stopped, water pumping from the peat pits also stopped and they filled with water.
Despite the fact that peat extraction has stopped, drainage systems continue to affect the water regime of the bog.

Cormorants have also made the bog their home, making their nests in the dead trees!

The emerald-green water of the bog, together with dead trees and cormorant nests, is the trademark of this bog and makes for a rather unique landscape and even a slightly apocalyptic feeling!

Trip length: 3km
Trip duration: 2,5h

1) The route is easy, with very little current, suitable for beginners and families with children.
2) The day before the trip, until 19:00, you will receive an informative e-mail from Ozolaivām.
3) The trip may be canceled due to adverse weather conditions or if 4 boats have not registered.
4) One rest break, snacks and drinks are not included.

Registration at least 24h before the event!

Trip cancellation/rescheduling rules HERE!