Misa from Cena to Ozolnieki

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In this section, Misa is interesting and exciting, with green, overgrown shores that, as you approach Ozolnieki, gradually change to more residential development. The fortifications of Napoleonic times – the Silgraužu skansts – are hidden on the shore at the mouth of the Misa river in Iecava river. The Misa river twists and turns and invites you to come with it!

The final stretch of the journey goes up the Iecava river to the finish line in Ozolnieki.

Trip length: 10km
Trip duration: 3,5h

The route is easy, with a gentle current, suitable for beginners and families with children.
The route is navigable throughout the whole season. The length of the route can be adjusted as desired, with the possibility of stopping at a goat farm (excursion at extra cost).

The day before the trip, until 12:00, you will receive an informative email from Ozolaivas!