Misa from Dalbe to Ozolnieki


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Misa near Dalbe throws curves and invites you to join along!

This part of Misa river is interesting and exciting, with green, overgrown banks that gradually transition to more residential areas as you approach Ozolnieki.

In one of the bends along the shore, there is a hidden abandoned Lada car, but at the confluence of the Misa in Iecava, remnants of Napoleon’s era fortifications are hidden along the shore – Silgrauži redoubt. The final stretch of the journey goes up the Iecava river to the finish line in Ozolnieki.

Trip length: 17km
Trip duration: 4-5h

1) The route is easy, with very little current, suitable for beginners and families with children.
2) The day before the trip, by 12:00, you will receive an informative email from Ozolaivas!
3) The trip may be canceled due to bad weather conditions or if there are fewer than 2 boats registered!
4) Rest break by the river (food and drinks not provided).
5) Driver transportation included in the price.

Registration at least 24h before the event!

Weather forecast in Dalbe HERE!