Misa from Ezītis to Dalbe

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The stretch of the Misa from Ezīša has a slow but noticeable current and steep sandy banks, in summer, green plants grow both on the shore and in the water, creating the Olaine “jungle”.

A bridge crosses the river about a kilometer from the start, then there is a ~4 km stretch to Pēternieki. In this section, the river is not only wider, but also more curvy. Then Misa flows through the residential area of Pēternieki up to the V28 motorway bridge. Pēternieki is built around the former centre of Pētermuiža and the Pēternieki parish council.

After Pēternieki, Misa becomes narrower again and the riverbanks are mostly meadows and bushes. Approaching Dalbe, under the railway bridge is the Misa rapids, which are navigable at higher water levels, but in drier weather can be bypassed along the shore. A few bends beyond the rapids, on the left side of the river, in a meadow, is the finishing point.

Misa is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, the sound of birds and streams, lazily gliding along the calm waters of the Misa. The Misa is like a hidden jewel in the heart of Zemgale.

Trip length: 12km
Trip duration: 3–4h

1) The route is easy, with very little current, suitable for beginners and families with children.
2) The day before the trip, until 12:00, you will receive an informative email from Ozolaivas!
3) The trip may be canceled due to bad weather conditions or if there are fewer than 4 boats registered!
4) A rest break is planned, snacks and water are not included.
5) We provide transportation for drivers from the finish to the starting point.

Starting point: bridge over Misa in Ezītis (Coordinates of the starting point)
Finishing place: the Dalbe railway bridge (Coordinates of the finishing place)

Weather forecast in Olaine HERE!